Ran ★★★★★

It's saying something that even the movies I'm rewatching for my second or third time on my Kurosawa festival are still blowing me away.

Kurosawa has had the theme of children turning on their parents, particularly their father, before, most notably in Ikiru. But in the case of the three sons in Ran, they pretty much do exactly what their father taught them to do. It's a miracle one turned out halfway decent.

Ran is a tremendous film, showing an evil man who's chicken's have come home to roost. But it isn't only the evil man who is punished. Everyone he has seemingly come into contact with is suffers too. The final image, which I would not want to give away (actually, I did, then deleted it and wrote this realizing my mistake) is a brilliant final moment to sum up all of Kurosawa's work in the Samurai genre. Heartbreaking and honest.

More than any other filmmaker, I have an impossible time trying to figure out which Kurosawa masterpiece is my favourite. But Ran is always in the running.

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