Captain Marvel ★★★½

Road to Endgame: Part Two


"I have nothing to prove to you."

I love Captain Marvel a lot more than other users seem to, and looking at it right after rewatching Captain America: The First Avenger makes me realize how cursed these films are from the second they start. While the latest entry does have an edge over its predecessor as a result of Brie Larson's headlining hero and empowering messages, the fact remains that both are films that were released late into their respective phases and take place well before the true action of the MCU begins. This film definitely handles its respective throwback a bit better (especially considering how nostalgia-crazed many of us are nowadays), managing to feel secure in its own existence while still being a fun time altogether, but while the soundtrack has some excellent throwback tunes, it doesn't seem like one complete vision and instead a Spotify playlist. It doesn't feel like another character; there's no specific theme or emotional connection forged between the music and the characters.

One of the things I do quite appreciate is how different this film is in regards to many different aspects. This almost felt like The Last Jedi in how it completely obliterated fans' expectations (namely, the Skrulls' reveal) but it worked much more because there was buildup and the twist didn't feel shoehorned into the plot as a result of a need to "shake things up". Sure, the other reveals felt a bit...predictable, to say the least (and many potentially exciting characters are squandered), but the fact that we're *this* far into the MCU and a solo origin story isn't played-out is honestly awesome. Larson herself definitely has a great on-screen presence, despite not having the most original dialogue or character devices to work with. It's definitely not the best performance I've seen from her, but it's not at all bad. Just needed more expansion. Most of the other actors get a lot of good material to work with, however (particularly Samuel L. Jackson and Lashana Lynch).

Captain Marvel doesn't change the game like it likes to think it's doing, but calling it bad would be a disservice to the fact that this isn't anything more than it may come off as. It's an origin story. That's it, and that's all it'll ever be. It answers questions and proposes new ones, but it's just *so much fun* and the fact that it ranks in the bottom half of my Phase Three ranking just shows how much there is to like about what Marvel has given us since Civil War. Brie Larson is, without a doubt, my favorite actress in the business right now, so I'm really excited to see what they have in store for Carol in Endgame.

Damn it, I just love her character so much.

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