Parasite ★★★★★

"All you'll have to walk up the stairs."

I haven't been this physically ravaged by a film in a long, long time. Bong Joon-Ho's masterpiece Parasite is top-tier cinema, a brilliant sociopolitical thriller that strands two families on the battlefield of the economic spectrum and leaves both sides grappling for the solid structure of balance. It's got a script that's as gut-wrenching as it is downright hilarious at points, but the tonal shifts never come off as forced, only a metaphorical examination of the desperation this family faces. Bong utilizes a concoction of mind-numbingly incredible dialogue (that's an understatement) and absolutely gorgeous scenery to paint a portrait so haunting in its framing that it's just left on the wall, hanging...swinging from side to side...until it just comes crashing down. The glass shards stay there until they're cleaned up, but even then, there are still tiny fragments left unseen by the common eye. The last hour will have you tenser than you've ever been before, paced so phenomenally but still managing to be filled with twists that you'll never see coming (the best since The Prestige). It's innovative, it's extraordinary, it's just flat-out fucking insane on every level. Nothing can prepare you for this.

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