Se7en ★★★★½

David Fincher is quite possibly the most divisive director for me. Either his films start off really great and gradually get weaker, or his films start out really weak and gradually get greater. Seven is definitely the latter. It all builds up to that heart-stopping final moment, executed so pitch-perfectly that it's near-impossible to admire Fincher for how meticulously crafted this film is. It starts out a bit jarring in terms of editing and pacing but continuously rises in quality. I knew the ending going in (I mean this is 2019 folks so don't judge), so I was a little disappointed in not being able to experience it like many others have been able to. However, knowing the ending almost served as its own upside because there are so many clues that you pick up on leading up to the climax and I'm really happy I was able to pluck those out on my first watch. This is such an incredibly smart and tense thriller that went by like lightning despite its 2+ hour runtime, and I'm extremely glad I finally saw it. I'm still in awe.

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