Suspiria ★★★★

Suspiria is everything a horror reimagining should be. It’s haunting, energetic, violent, delirious, disturbing, and at points sickening. I loved every second of it. Beautifully chaotic and cold-hearted, this movie has absolutely no regard for the audience’s feelings, focusing solely on pumping scares into our veins. It’s glorious in execution, a stylish but refined experience that worms its way into the deepest bit of your brain and stays there, a forever looming presence hovering over the most impressionable and affected parts of your mind.

From a technical perspective, this movie hits the bullseye in every area. The editing is exceptional during the dance scenes, namely during “Volk”, which is a cascade of brilliance in terms of effectiveness insofar as how it utilizes shock value. The cinematography feels heavily inspired by ‘70s grindhouse features, which is no surprise considering its source material. Thom Yorke’s score is excellent as well. It feels exactly like the kind of thing a movie like this needed and I’m glad he was brought on. 

I’m speechless. This is one of the most purely frightening films I’ve seen all year, better than Hereditary even, which is tough to beat.

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