Midsommar ★★★★½

Director's Cut Review:

This is barely a horror movie. There are no real scares throughout the film, because I do not believe Ari Aster was even trying to. Midsommar feels more like a story you would read about, or hear rumors about online. Much like Hereditary, much of the beginning is spent solely on setting up and developing the main cast. By the time they go to Sweden we have a great understanding of the group dynamic. At this point I am so immersed and mesmerized with the atmosphere and the residents of the village. The way their traditions are mostly seen in a more static framing, makes it very visually appealing. The clean and almost sterile lighting makes the village look too perfect, a small hint of things to come. Everything plays out in such a manner that is not too far off of reality. The acting by Florence Pugh is just phenomenal, even when she isn't speaking she emotes and conveys so much emotion. Despite a near three hour runtime, I was completely on board the whole time. I never felt bored, I had a sick curiosity for what would happen next. Absolutely beautiful cinematography that captures such stunning landscapes and gives the very few scares a layer of surrealness. Midsommar offers a more trance-like experience for the viewer, I for one loved where the film went and look forward to a rewatch to catch all the details hidden in plain sight.

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