First watched this two weeks ago and it hasn't once left my mind. I didn't fully know how I felt about it, but in the meantime I watched another Carax film, and listened to about six Sparks albums (many of which completely blew my mind).

Knew I needed to see this again before it left theatres forever, and GOD am I over the moon. The emotions hit so much harder on this watch. Opening song is so euphoric, but other moments, such as Anne's song about her backstory, or the Conductor, well, conducting, are so endlessly gorgeous. Not to mention how much I teared up at the Conductor singing to Annette, and the ending scene.

Adore the references to MeToo and the pseudo-existential/contrarian self-important famous white-man type that is EVERYWHERE. Both handled so beautifully and with so much care. No sympathy is given to a narcissistic parent/lover, and god is that cathartic.

All movies should be musicals.

Long live Sparks!

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