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  • Border



    Disturbing yet heart warming, beautiful yet creepy. I enjoyed this film as a twisted fairytale however it wasn't quite as nuanced as I had hoped. I was a little bummed by the surface level/literal way the story played out.

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    3 hours of emotional Crescendo & pure spectacle at the highest level. A perfect series finale, closing A, B and C story lines as well as giving every character a full arch . The "Return Of The King" of Comicbook movies & the most electric theater experience I've had since the first Avengers.

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  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    1 of the best Imax 3D experiences ever ,pure fun popcorn action Spielberg delivers his 80's nostalgia blast in a way only he could have. The "Hotel" scene alone is worth the price of admission and will leave you asking how they pulled it off. A true display of movie magic that we may never see again ... Spielberg has reclaimed his seat on the spectacle throne and Blockbuster Frane is very pleased.

  • Ant-Man



    Funny...but not funny enough. Weird but, not weird enough. CGI...'ey? but not...Let's be honest there's more then enough of that. Not Marvel's worst film but it may as well be...middle of the road, white washed, cookie cutter, generic comic book fodder at it's mediocre'st. This is a shame because this hero with this power could have given Marvel an excuse to really go nuts and not hand cuff it's director to there one shot tone...especially, when they have an original visionary director with a trilogy of cult classics under his belt on board like the talented...Peyton...Reed...........?