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  • Wendigo
  • Ghost Ship
  • Soul Survivors
  • Boogeyman

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  • Airplane!


  • Rings

  • Falling Down

  • Orphan: First Kill


Recent reviews

  • Soul Survivors

    Soul Survivors


    Perplexed ambiguity—unconcerned of delving into its complexed portrayal of purgatory/astral projection/dreams fading into a nightmarish suffuse with y2k mall-goth fashion + infused sublime rock tunes blasting into the inescapable doom—it was bound to be hated by critics and audiences alike, however, Soul Survivors implements my hyperactive taste: striving for such nonsense as rock/grunge/nu-metal blasts into the unavoidable teenage frightfest of cheap scares/thrills. Eliza Dushku is on the front-and-center cover of the poster, yet she may have less screen-time than anyone else, bummer—but, Digital Bath by Deftones plays during the end credits which earns more appreciation from me.

  • Darkness



    The self-absorbed identical tendencies of The Shining while furthermore being a ponderous shallow replication of its induced inspiration—Fragile this is not. Balagueró abides by his shadowy fear-mongering entities/apparitions, sinking deep into the nightmarish evocative hellscape—but, Darkness never fulfills any tension or scares that feels obtained, it as well meanders while also mystifying its audiences on what is occurring—additionally, it trembles all the way to the conclusive end as the absence of light becomes apparent.

Popular reviews

  • Final Stab

    Final Stab

    Transpired dosage of daytime soap opera drama clashing with Scream’s metaness—possesses such spiteful dialogue with an alluring appeal coming from its actors/actresses. There’s a few blood splattered and bloodless/quick-cutaway kills as the lightning/thunder roams on in the background as the amounting kills/spectacle of over-dramatized tension succumbs to a final twist that’s deliberately gonzo as a turn of a head makes you question if Final Stab is five stars, or zero stars, who knows?

  • Jeepers Creepers 2

    Jeepers Creepers 2


    Jeepers Creepers 2 grasps on the bleak and horrifying ending from the first for its prelude introductory by way of sun-beamed cornfields while the crow’s gawk into the equable daylight—2 sets up a numerous amount of high school jocks/cheerleaders for The Creeper to terrorize —> feast on/kill, but mild “high school drama” gets intertwined with the killings happening far in between—as soon as Ray Wise and his son rolls into 2’s foremost luminescence landscape with a harpoon gun, it becomes…