Tenet ★★★★

There's a lot of varying opinions on this film, and understandably so, but I ended up liking this quite a bit. Feels like one of Nolan's most ballsy and unrestrained works, further pushing the envelope on complex ideas in the form of blockbuster style films.

Two of Nolan's strongest qualities as a filmmaker are his approach to world-building and his ability to put the viewer in a trance, both of which are on full display here. The vibrant cinematography and elaborate set design are a reflection of the former, while the pulsing score (with Goransson over Zimmer this time) and exhilirating action scenes are a reflection of the later. I thought John David Washington was a pretty solid lead, and was entertained by Pattinson's role as well.

It's not without its flaws, with there being a few clunky moments in the writing and character development (particularly around Kat and Andrai), which unfortunately feels like a recurring issue in Nolan's recent works. But there's still plenty of redeeming factors on top of the pure adrenaline of it all, making such things more forgiveable.

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