The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

The Nice Guys is one of those films that's just right up my alley. With the absurdist humor of The Big Lebowski, the realness of Boogie Nights, and the stylishness of Inherent Vice, I was bound to love this movie. It's the buddy cop movie we've all been waiting for, delivering thrills and laughs for it's entire duration. Crowe is an obvious fit for the gruff and down-to-business investigator, but it's Ryan Gosling who is an absolute riot. Goofy Gosling is now the best Gosling. It got to a point in the film where just looking at his character's face made me burst into laughter. It's witty dialogue gives it extra pomp, and the scenery and music just downright sleak. I've heard gripes about the pacing and whatnot, but to be honest I thought it kept consistent rhythm throughout and didn't have any dampening moments. But maybe I was just having such a blast that I didn't care. Oh well. It hasn't quite reached Lebowski or Inherent Vice status with me yet, but I can definitely picture myself watching The Nice Guys over and over for years to come. Nice, indeed.

Also, Hannibal Buress as a large talking bumblebee is the greatest thing ever.

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