Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody ★★½

The recording scenes were awesome but that’s about it. This is a film with no characters; a hazy two hours and fifteen minutes of confusing scenes with no background or exposition. I’ve heard the critiques of it being formulaic, but to me the biggest issue was that it didn’t even tell a real story. Most enraging was how the lack of characterization made Freddie come off as a giant jerk rather than a multifaceted person with flaws like any other human being. It does the same with Roger Taylor and makes you forget that John Deacon even exists. Points for getting good actors with an uncanny resemblance to the real guys though. I was hoping to like this so much but for the most part it’s a no.


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This is not related to the film but the stranger sitting next to me was a toxic male who somehow had no idea about Freddie’s sexuality, loudly said “what the fuck” at the first kiss, and touched or kissed his girlfriend whenever something gay happened for the remainder of the movie.

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