The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★½

Scavenger Hunt #43: 02/31
Task #6: Choose a movie from your DVD/Digital collection that you haven't seen.

So many things about this film are good: 

- A seemingly (upper?) middle class director that can showcase the working class, particularly working class females without it feeling exploitative is surely something special. 
- Banshee is all grown and getting real gigs. Recognize. 
- The kids are actually kids. Not some schmalzy amalgamation of sage geniuses and infants. 
- The COLORS. 
- Willem Defoe is so goddamn class and so goddamn handsome. 
- Baker has a way of shooting his characters in a way that feels intimate, but never voyeuristic. Shooting the kids only at eye level was a stroke of fuckin’ genius. 

“You know why this is my favorite tree? Because it tipped over, and it’s still growing.”

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