The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★

"All my life I've felt like I was here and somewhere else at the same time."

Beauty; poetry; confusion; visualization; melancholy; unsettling; transcendental; calming; upsetting; introspective; colourful; magical; evocative; talent; music; photography; passion; soltitude; mood; atmosphere; ethereal; souls; connection; uncomfortable; complicated; expressions; desire; temptation; adoration; uncertainty; shared lives; otherworldly; haunting; recordings; calls; rejection; strangers; loss; brevity; patriarchy; familiarity; unease; sadness; ;patriarchy; feminity; longing; action; mistakes; inaction; missed opportunity; realization; déjà-vu; letters; concerts; marionettes; looking for answers; spirituality; longevity; sense; partner; trust; loneliness; comfort; fascination; nostalgia; reminiscence; purpose; meaning; love.

P.S. The concert and marionette scene are hauntingly beautiful.

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