The Duke of Burgundy

The Duke of Burgundy ★★★★

an autumnal tale of desire, power & love. told through a soundscape of falling leaves, buzzing insects & reverberating action meeting visuals of rituals, facade, intrigue and attraction. tense and fiercely unfurling in what i would describe as 'two lesbians drawn to each other like moths to flame'.

// cynthia (sidse babett knudsen) & evelyn (chiara d'anna) were amazing together. i love how cynthia always seemed aware and present whereas evelyn was the oblivious and dreaming one while they're both caught in this luxurious powerplay web doused in unease and artificiality, which is expertly constructed by the immaculate sound design, striking imagery and evocative editing in this film.

cw: lots of insect close-ups, instances of flashing & hyper fast-cut segments

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