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  • Ordinary People

    Ordinary People


    "A little advice about feelings kiddo; don't expect it always to tickle."

    When I suggested that I may have suicidal thoughts, in those moments, I was both the most selfish person in the world and the most selfless. While I believed I'd be missed and make some angry for what I'd do, I also felt like I was lifting the burden off all those shoulders. I didn't doubt I was loved or cared for, but at that moment it just…

  • Dominion



    From beasts we scorn as soulless,
    In forest, field, and den,
    The cry goes up to witness
    The soullessness of men.

    Dominion is the ultra-vegan animal liberation documentary that is raging through parts of the Internet by storm -- largely because you can watch it online right now. But please, understand what you're in for.

    It doesn't take long, in watching the film, to see why. I counted about 4 minutes of nice footage of farm animals, pets, and serene…

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  • Glass



    "The facts you are basing your beliefs in, are wrong."

    Man, y'all are gonna be disappointed when you come to Philly some day and there's no Osaka Tower in real life. That jawn would have been nice.

    Glass, the end of the trilogy that nobody know was coming almost two decades ago, serves as a fitting if a little scatter-brained conclusion to one of the most unique sets of films to come out this century, and even though it had…

  • Heartbreak Ridge

    Heartbreak Ridge


    ”Why don't you sit there and bleed awhile, before you taste some real pain?”

    Not very many Clint Eastwood films I've yet to see, but Heartbreak Ridge -- the 1986 war drama produced and directed by the ageless Hollywood legend -- was one of them before tonight. Featuring the gruff man himself as the star, it's the story of a Marine near sunset who has one final task to shape up some young jarheads for an invasion of Grenada in…

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  • Ikiru



    ”No, not if we set our minds to it.“

    I had some similar thoughts to this film as I did watching Ordinary People last year, thinking of my own life and what it means, and the hopelessness one can have at times depending on one's own outlook. I'll be thinking about this movie for a long time.

    It's the fourth and the final of my Secret Santa gifts from my friend Mr_Macaroon. Thanks so much, man, you're so thoughtful. I…

  • Wildlife



    "I feel like I need to wake up, but I don't know what from, or what to."

    Postwar America, 1960, when every able-bodied red-blooded man was a hero to his wife and children for helping the family achieve the American Dream. But in the underbelly of this lily-white fairytale of perfection, many families faced crises like the Brinsons in Great Falls, Montana, breaking at the seams while at the crossroads of fantasy and reality.

    And such it is in this…