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  • What Doesn't Kill Us

    What Doesn't Kill Us


    [zombie daughter] ”After I graduate, weee’re moving in together.”
    [zombie dad] “...Over my dead body!”

    That's the kind of line that my dad would be proud of.

    What Doesn't Kill Us is the clever, funny, and oddly heartfelt uber-indie mockumentary about the living, the undead, and how rehabilitated zombies face the adversities of life when equality is still a slow, deliberate, and foot-dragging step away.

    (In the interest of full disclosure, I was contacted privately by the filmmakers -- who…

  • Ida



    "You should try... otherwise what sort of sacrifice are these vows of yours?"

    The acclaimed Polish winner of the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film (the first from Poland to do so), Ida from writer/director Paweł Pawlikowski is a masterpiece of beauty and precision, fabulously acted and shot, and says more in its silence and nuance that perhaps any other work has about postwar Polish history and culture.

    Coming from a Polish background (I won't tell you my last name,…

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  • 306 Hollywood

    306 Hollywood


    "Grandma’s house isn't a home anymore. It's a ruin.”

    Grandma Annette, what hath ye wrought?

    Two filmmakers use decades of items and memories in their late grandmother's home, 306 Hollywood Avenue in Hillside, New Jersey, to take us on a journey from America to Italy, family to celebrity, reality to fantasy. Every year from 2001 to her death at the age of 93, they filmed her and her incomparable stories; now, they film themselves excavating her home and the treasures…

  • Prospect



    ”I'm not here to prospect. I'm here to harvest.”

    What a wonder a good science-fiction film can be with a high concept and low budget if you've got talented filmmakers and screenwriters. Zeek Earl and Chris Caldwell bring a smart taut story in the inventive movie Prospect, starring Pedro Pascal, Sophie Thatcher, and Jay Duplass.

    This is the first film I've watching as part of a little film club -- Josh, George, Mr_Macaroon, Brock, Zeke, and Stuart are just some…

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  • Climax



    "If you couldn't dance, what would you do?"

    Ten people in the theatre. Four walked out. That's about right I guess.

    This is the best psychological horror dance experimental film you'll see all year. What's that worth? I dunno.

    This was the first Gaspar Noé film I've been able to see on a big screen (probably like many of you, or at least of the 4+ thousand that have seen it I sure hope that 3+ thousand didn't steal…

  • Captive State

    Captive State


    ”Strike the closed zone. Light a match, and ignite a war.”

    Captive State throws out just about all your preconceived notions about what a science-fiction movie should be, and instead takes a pensive look after the alien invasion and what it means for civilization. Having a somewhat muted and subdued tone that deals with the aftermath of the political and sociological crisis that menacing power can bring on a formerly-independent people, one can't help but think of director and co-writer…