Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★½

"Be still, my beating vagina."

Pure escapist nonsense.

Silliness. Unlikeably inane characters. Absurd coincidences, ex machina plot drivel. Also lots of obvious lip-syncing.

In other words, exactly the same as Mamma Mia! from 10 years ago, and yet it was still enjoyable and elicited all sorts of stupid good feelings. A film can have lots of terrible characteristics and still be a nice time, and that's just what this is. Through the ridiculous story that no one really cares about, nevertheless you get lovely scenery, beautiful color and sets, and of course the infectious music and dance.

I say all this as someone who saw Mamma Mia! on Broadway 15 years ago and had a great time. Escapist musical theatre is just as worthwhile as escapist musical film. Not every movie has to make important points or be profound (though that's nice). And while I'll admit to enjoying the first film more than this one, it's far from bad even if parts of it absolutely are.

Some of the script is just dreadful. Describing the plot is pointless. Lots of jokes fall embarrassingly flat. And very talented actors (plus Lily James) are stuck saying and doing asinine things.

It barely matters though if the film is fun, and this surely is. I actively paid little attention during dialogue and just waited for the great music and musical set pieces. No, it's not Rogers & Hammerstein but it's a good time.

While ratings here don't really matter, a film with this many awful things would be far lower normally, but it's saved by all the lovely music and pretty visuals. Rent it with your mom and enjoy.

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