Wonder Woman ★★★½

"What one does when faced with the truth is more difficult than you think. I learned this the hard way, a long long time ago. And now, I will never be the same."

Obviously, just a nice refresher for the new film later. I shall be braving the cinema this afternoon here in Dover for the movie that most will watch at home.

I still like Wonder Woman a great deal. It's very obviously the best DC film of this recent generation. The Greek mythology is of course laughable and silly, but so is the mythology of Christianity and yet people believe a child was born on this day roughly 2,020 years ago to save the world. Lotta good that did.

Anyway, Patty Jenkins and screenwriter Allan Heinberg found this nice balance of action, storytelling, and humour best exemplified in that perfect scene on the sailboat as Steve Trevor and Princess Diana go back to the "real world," and there's this great sexual tension that naturally Wonder Woman has no interest in and he can't help but awkwardly tiptoe. That continues with so many good scenes for like the next half-hour, as watching this for the first time in like three years reveals it's way funnier than I remembered.

The much-lambasted finale -- as Jenkins has revealed in interviews and press junkets this week -- of a goofy punch-out CGI-fest wasn't her call, the only part of the movie that Warner Bros. made her change.

I can only hope the follow-up is as entertaining as this one, without looking like it's trying too hard or collapsing into a special effects blur. I guess the humour will be mined with a role reversal where Steve is the fish out of water this time in 1980s excess? We'll see.

Have a happy Christmas everyone. Enjoy it safely.

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