Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★

2022 | Cinema 2022

There won’t be any film that’ll capture Gen-Z and todays zeitgeist better than “Bodies Bodies Bodies”.

While not as much a slasher as expected (I wouldn’t classify the film as one at all), it even more so is the satire I hoped for. Bitter and hard, but never mean. Buzzwords are thrown around constantly and the film captures todays internet culture perfectly. Many parts of the film feel like a very authentic Twitter discourse and, without giving anything away, the ending emphasizes that even more. It nails the dynamics and themes of Gen-Z perfectly.

The whodunnit mystery works very well with a constant sense of paranoia and while the film never want to be scary, it is hilariously funny and relishes in its chaos. There are some moments with truly amazing dark humor and most jokes land very well. 

I absolutely loved the ending and it made me like the film even more, although I actually saw it coming. There was one moment where I pretty much figured out what was going on, but that didn’t make the ending any less fantastic.

The performances are amazing too! Everyone is really good. Always like seeing my boy Pete, Lee Pace is a treat and Rachel Sennott and Amandla Stenberg, who I really like seeing anyway since “As You Are”, are phenomenal. Love the lighting and cinematography too and the score and songs are great.

“Bodies Bodies Bodies” could actually be described as Among Us: Twitter Edition. A wonderfully written film that is an equally smart and funny satire that manages to nail the behavior of a whole generation.

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