King Kong

King Kong ★★★½

1933 | Godzilla and King Kong

Hooptober Ocho: 37/37
1 Kaiju or Kong film: 1/1

"King Kong" was the last film for me in this Hooptober and a very good conclusion. I don't think there is much to say about the story as it should be known to everyone and Kong himself is one of the biggest and most iconic movie monsters of all time. Both rightly.

The plot of the mysterious journey is very interesting and intriguing and Skull Island is a terrific setting. The black and white look is great, the film has a great pacing and creates a nice atmosphere and manages to entertain even after all this years. I also think it's great that the film is basically a straightforward monster adventure that combines action and fun throughout.

The biggest point of criticism for me are definitely the characters who, despite the solid acting, are not really likable and sometimes quite annoying. In addition, the characters and the film are partly sexist and racist, yes that is the time I know, but it still bothered me. It didn't ruin the film for me, but there were a lot upsetting moments.

The finale in New York is absolutely fantastic and really managed to arouse a lot of hatred in me and I was really sad for Kong. Kong himself is great too. Like many other 'monsters' of this time, he is not a monster. Similar to Frankenstein's monster, he is made a monster by his environment and by people, although he does not want anything bad himself.

Of course, the groundbreaking effects are particularly worth mentioning. The stop motion was a milestone back then and still looks comparatively great today. The design of the creatures is beautiful without exception and they are all brought to life in a fantastic way. As a dinosaur fan since day one, I had a lot of fun with the dinosaurs. The fights between creature and creature and between creature and human are great too. I also think that the film is rather brutal and above all consequent for the circumstances at the time and for this type of film.

"King Kong" is a great film and lives up to its status as a classic. I haven't seen Peter Jackson's film in a while, but I would say that I like that film even more than this one.

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