The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★½

Can't believe Chris Stuckmann gave this film an A+!!

I just don't see what's so epic about this film. It had a few great laughs but nothing really appealing..
Screenplay was decent..
Nothing special in the Cinematography section..
But the biggest downfall, (and I know I might seem a little harsh on this) was Angourie Rice..If you are making a film about Sex, Corruption, Crime etc..why bring a young teenager in this film?...I felt her character was irritating at times and not really convincing..

But the biggest highlights were obviously Ryan And Russell,

Ryan is the charismatic, funny and energetic Holland March and he probably gave one of his best performances in his career..
Russell is the cool, serious and badass Jackson Healy and possibly a revive to his career on what we really expect from a legendary and talented actor like Crowe..

Overall, this film is defintely watchable for laughs but seriously fallen into the pretentious club..

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