2046 ★★★★★

I once fell in love with someone. She had somebody but yet we met every week as if we could have avoided the world by just being together. I tried not to fall in love with her but feelings can creep just like that. It was too late. One day she disappeared from my life. I jumped into 2046 hoping to find her there. I did. But she found an indirect way to reject me. I took the chance Chow never took. Still I couldn't stop wondering if she loved me or not...

Almost every line, every look, every bittersweet chord that fills the air reminds me of the past. Every shot cuts me some way. But every shot also seems to heal me. Every tear I shed while watching 2046, heals. I jump to 2046 time after time just to see if I can find something there. As if I could collect the tears, return to something that never was. In love you can't bring on a substitute.

Wong Kar-wai's cinema gives me beautiful way to travel back in time and space. They give me chance to be melodramatic, to remember these lost chances and these big loves. They give me a reason to go back, to love the feeling of heartbreak. Especially when everything has happened to me. I see myself in Chow but I also see what I could become. We take our changes and I never want to become what he is. Cold and distant. In my dreams I wish I could be like him so everything would be easier. But I am and I'm not. Cinema reflects me, my hopes, my dreams, my nightmares - what I am, what I was and what could be. And no other film does it like 2046.

"He didn't turn back. It's as if he boarded a very long train headed for a drowsy future through the unfathomable night."

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