Midsommar ★★½

This year is unfortunately full of disappointments for me or it could be too that I'm being harsh on many films. Even if film making is more or less therapy for filmmakers, it shouldn't be the only thing. Some extremely personal projects work, others don't. I feel that I'm seeing here what some people see in the work of Lars von Trier - very off-putting workings of ego and emotions that are out of control, that don't settle down as cinematic ideas. I still think that von Trier's self-awareness is on other level whereas Ari Aster is still searching for an approach. There can be bigger troubles in the future if Aster lets it get to his head. Even if most of the things in the film don't work for me, it's still full of material that makes it an interesting and at points entertaining watch. At best you can feel the profound sadness of the characters that we meet here, for example I loved the finale that gave the film kick that I wish it would have had from the beginning. The dark humor, self-irony on the other hand feels just nasty and a tad smuggish (for example as infuriating as the douche-bag guys here are, they just seem to have that character trait - being stupid). A tad better than Hostel films but I'd still rather watch The 15:17 to Paris again.

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