My Best Friend's Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding ★★★★★

1990s Hollywood goes Kabhi haan kabhi naa with a gay twist.

Julia Roberts at the height of her stardom with P.J. Hogan offering perfect pitches leads to one of the definitive romantic comedies of the 1990s. I was already won over by the time we see Roberts going through the whole emotional scale in one telephone call, from happiness to heartbreak. This is a rare moment in modern Hollywood when it reaches the heights of its golden years with star charisma filling the screen and the director knowing how to take use of it. What is that moment when Roberts walks to the restaurant looking at smoking and in the background the flames rise just so we can arrive at that insidious framing where Cameron Diaz is left alone looking quite helpless and Roberts framed to the background of Dermot Mulroney, looking really really devilish, while Diaz and Mulroney argue about their future that Roberts wants to destroy? The drama is between the two but it's Roberts that we watch and she is quite sadistic. And then we have stuff like spontaneous "I Say a Little Prayer" singalong, hallway smoke with Paul Giamatti, one of the most unforgettable chases, a beautifully gay ending... It's a treasure trove for those who can appreciate the art of romantic comedy and like the best romantic comedies or films in general, it is a more reflexive study of its genre, a commentary on modern ideas of romantic love.