New Order

New Order ★★★½

I don't think Michel Franco hates the working class as so many people here love to proclaim. The political uprising here that takes place isn't a revolution, at most, it is failed one where fundamentalists have taken it over, and the chaos enables nihilist revenge violence under the cover of social collapse. I admit that there are problems with the lack of motivation given to the events except that people are tired of the prevalent system. That being said, I'd rather see this as a film about failed revolution, a revolution born out of impulse without organization or meditation on different objectives. In a country where paramilitaries have notable power, uprisings are easily hijacked. I think about Syria where popular uprisings were quickly hijacked by fundamentalists and the other resistance soon became subordinate to those, not a part of them. But still, the hard left in the west loved and loves to shout out Assad propaganda that claims there was never any legitimate resistance. But revolutions do get hijacked, it's not a neat and peaceful event. Obviously, if Franco wanted to really show that, he would have let us know how it did get hijacked. Now it's just nihilistic violence that defines this social collapse but I still refuse to see it as some kind of working-class hatred. People love to proclaim "eat the rich" but are afraid to think about what it really means. Some write that Franco wants us to feel sympathy for the bourgeois but the fact is that there is no sympathy written in the film. You can perhaps see it in Marianne but she also gets fucked by the background she belongs to. Look at that ending for example. It is the viewer who feels sympathy because they watch human beings after all.

What if the new order is the hell of failed revolutions? This is what the film wants us to think about.