The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★

Exploitative feel-bad bullshit that had pretty much zero appeal to me. Feels like the work of a filmmaker with little actual touch to what he is dealing with, not that "experience" about something would be necessary in order to put it into film. Slowly we sink into more and more desperation, violence and sadness about one's inability to confront the traumas of the past that accumulate over time (especially when they are dealt with violence). Pattinson is somewhere in the Nicholas Cage twilight zone where I can't say whether he is good or just plain silly but there is strange quality in his character, some subtle nuance of danger that I can't put into words - I won't go into that as it could spoil something (but my overall rating might tell something about how poorly it works in practice for me). Whereas Jason Clarke goes all-out-psychopath, ambivalence in the character played by Riley Keough becomes some of the film's more interesting material. Diversity of the characters and sprawling structure of the film make it quite frustrating case in which scale might be replacing the meaning. But I guess a film like this cannot be anything else but polarizing.

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