Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

This is how you take a popular subject and turn it into film of your own; I mean, there are tons of possible pitfalls with such material and heavily blending it with comedy but Waititi sure showed us all or at least those who are still somewhat on board. I can't say that I'm a Marvel fan of any kind but these later attempts such as this, Black Panther and Homecoming have all been very pleasant surprises overall. I'm a little worried about Infinite War but I guess I'll see that next month. This is really an achievement and finally that desperate attempt to reach any kind of chemistry between characters by all of Marvel's films, hits home and more than that really. Gunn might have been the guy who is most known for having fun with his Marvel characters but Waititi tops him so badly, he makes him look like an amateur - sorry, bad-mouthing Gunn who I really like is stupid but I mean, c'mon!

I love Jeff Goldblum.

But most of all I love Tessa Thompson.

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