• Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame

    Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame


    Waited so many years to finally see this and it's truly a heartbreaking work where an adult's world slips into the children's world so insidiously, bringing its cruelty with it. Our protagonist is an energetic young girl wanting to go to school in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan but she is always stopped by an obstacle. At first, she solves them but ultimately the war games that the young boys play are drawing her in and there seems to be no escape. Hana…

  • J. Edgar

    J. Edgar

    "Empatia J. Edgaria kohtaan saattaa tuntua liioittelulta, koska hänen nimensä on niin tiukasti sidoksissa FBI:n olemukseen. Mutta empatian kannalta keskeistä on, että Eastwood näyttää katsojalle, miten J. Edgar antaa kaiken pois, miten hän uhraa itsensä FBI:lle ja valtiolle, joka ei kunnioita häntä. Hän ei ymmärrä uhrauksiaan, koska kuvittelee, että instituutio on yhtä kuin hän. Instituution siivellä hän koettaa nousta ihmisyytensä (ja sen mitä uskoo heikkoudekseen) yläpuolelle."

    Kirjoittelin Eastwoodin aliarvostetusta merkkiteoksesta blogin puolelle: elokuvablogielsur.wordpress.com/2022/08/09/yksilo-instituutiona-clint-eastwoodin-j-edgar-2011/

    Up next, some thoughts in English. These…

  • A Prophet

    A Prophet


    I've basically hated the Audiard films I've seen before but this is the high point in his career and I'm so glad I didn't give up on him. The script itself is brilliant in its treatment of the psychological power struggles while Audiard's direction has that much-needed raw quality with a hint of surrealism that makes it always surprising. The murder of the beginning is such a masterpiece of tension and both terrifying and heartbreaking as if a prophecy was…

  • My Best Friend's Wedding

    My Best Friend's Wedding


    1990s Hollywood goes Kabhi haan kabhi naa with a gay twist.

    Julia Roberts at the height of her stardom with P.J. Hogan offering perfect pitches leads to one of the definitive romantic comedies of the 1990s. I was already won over by the time we see Roberts going through the whole emotional scale in one telephone call, from happiness to heartbreak. This is a rare moment in modern Hollywood when it reaches the heights of its golden years with star…

  • New Order

    New Order

    I don't think Michel Franco hates the working class as so many people here love to proclaim. The political uprising here that takes place isn't a revolution, at most, it is failed one where fundamentalists have taken it over, and the chaos enables nihilist revenge violence under the cover of social collapse. I admit that there are problems with the lack of motivation given to the events except that people are tired of the prevalent system. That being said, I'd…

  • Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

    Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

    Weird political fantasy with humor that doesn't really open or at least makes you feel certain sympathy shame. But it's surprising how easily the film kept me entertained and it actually felt like a warm blanket. Lots of dogs also as God intended.

  • 537 Votes

    537 Votes

    It's incredible how sick the political system of the U.S. is and still, these guys keep on boasting about freedom and democracy... I mean, the corruption of this system manages to surprise me every time even if I know that ultimately it is a failed system. It makes me glad to live in a country where we actually have free elections and where populism cannot affect the results as much as in the U.S. This "behind-the-scenes" 2000 presidential election might…

  • Happening



    I know I'm repeating the obvious if I say that this is a kind of horror film but what strikes me as more accurate is to depict it almost as a kind of "conspiracy thriller" that is filled with paranoia to the point that it feels like everyone is against the protagonist, that everyone is part of some bigger, more insidious plan. But truth to be told, they are just afraid because to ban abortions is to rule with fear…

  • Moonfleet


    For a children's movie, this gets pretty heavy. Its fascination lies in the strict contrast between adults' and children's worlds, in the beautiful realization that children always want to believe the best of even the worst characters and this might actually end up changing them. That scene where Fox leaves John and walks toward the sea is one of my absolute favorite moments, heartbreaking and ambiguous. And of course, there is the whole history of unhappiness behind this town and…

  • Batman & Robin

    Batman & Robin

    "The ice man cometh!"

    So ridiculous and campy that it's highly entertaining. Wild set pieces, great cast completely making fool of themselves, incomprehensible writing, like a failed parody of Tim Burton movies that still becomes kind of fuck you to Burton's Batman. Perfect flop.

  • Spiderhead


    The balance between the darker and the more humorous elements is highly off. Like that ending and its sudden shift just feels so out of place. Its solutions feel ridiculously easy and unearned and the whole thing feels like it had no idea where it really wants to go. The tension building falls flat, and the humor seems to come out of nowhere but the one thing that stays interesting is the performances. Who would have thought Chris Hemsworth would be a soul of a film?

  • Mark of the Devil

    Mark of the Devil

    Definitely loud, probably misogynist torture porn where the suffering of the women and violence against female bodies are depicted with grotesque detail and length. The violence is awful but still, the images of torture form strange haunting visions that I found eerily interesting. Even if the exploitation genre-related side of the project is questionable, there is a surprising focus given to the moral struggles of the witch hunters and the power games behind the scenes. I'm not familiar with the…