The Forgotten Colours of Dreams ★★★

Apart from the obvious visual artistic decision, which I felt to be a bit obtrusive the film was great.

What may be useful to this budding young filmmaker is to work on polishing his WEAKNESSES.. not his STRENGTHS. A straightforward adaptation or a good ole fashioned romance may help diversify the content.

The issue is that.. at present.. the Sion Sono-Esque narration, strikingly avant-garde style, unconventional narrative structure and surreal/Postmodern influence comes together nicely. However the film consists entirely of this.. and plays sort of like a 2 hour long psychedelic experience.. eventually wearing on the audience and causing his efforts to go under appreciated.

What you need is to give audiences brains/eyes a BREAK every now and again.. setting us up both narratively and visually for a jarring descent into the weird.

In order to truely earn the (coveted) title of “Enfante terrible” you MUST SUBVERT EXPECTATIONS. You sort of need to paradoxically know how to deliver some (undoubtably detested) “mainstream” content.

Moving forward I would recommend the director expose himself to other highly experimental/extreme works of cinema... see what lead similar minded artists to commercial success.

Note: I See ALOT of these first THREE filmmakers in this work. Which is good... they all went on to be some of the most influential individuals in global cinema!  If you haven’t already... familiarize yourself with the Japanese school of surrealism.. especially considering that Japan is the PRINCIPLE market for this type of work... 

1. Love & Pop (Hideaki Anno, 1995)
2. Hanging Garden (The Japanese Toyoda Film from 2005; not the unrelated European thing)
3. Suicide Club (Sion Sonos, low budget- Geurilla, mainstream debut)

These next films may also be of interest, though  may not be as great an influence for you..

4. Dead Or Alive 2: The Birds (Takashi Miikes western breakthrough )
5. Pi (Arronofskys low budget debut)
6. The Grandmother & Eraserhead (David Lynch’s Debut works; both projects that I suspect this derived inspiration from.. given the home budget and time involved.)