The Happiness of the Katakuris ★★★★★

A movie that is a technical work of enfante terrible genius and possesses one of the strongest first acts I have EVER seen. It’s like Dead or Alive in reverse.

Highly original, absolutely deranged and supremely bizarre this movie ALMOST tops “Love & Peace” on the list of absolute wildest movie rides! Bearing in mind that while it may lose the battle for sheer entertainment it certainly wins in terms of cinematic technique. Incredibly diverse camera angles and motion. Competence in composition and highly avant-garde editing and stop motion sequences make this one for the ages.

It does drag for about In the middle, before picking up and closing strong. All things considered however this, to me, is ok! At the end of the day, no movie can ever hope to be 100% successful in every way. It packs a powerful punch when it needs to and the skill of this crew soldiers on regardless!