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  • Brother



    didn't know MCA had an acting career during the post-soviet era!

    what can i say: danila has the eyes of someone who has seen the death of a sick world and the birth of an even more rotten one. we perceive a sense of loss during the all movie: people come and go, they stay for too little, the void left by someone who leaves an empty chair by walking away (the german man and kat). people betray him even…

  • We Are Who We Are

    We Are Who We Are


    very nice!!! great success!!! it was all filmed close to where i live so it was a pretty cool experience. i couldn't really appreciate the full cast 'cause i was too focused on fraser = basically everything i wanted to be when i was fifteen :( exept i was poor (still am actually) and i didn't even know what a thrift shop was (for lack of representation it was not my fault okay?). that laurie anderson t-shirt? a dream. the…

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  • Bed and Board

    Bed and Board


    did you know? jean-pierre léaud in leather jacket is illegal in 158 countries worldwide !

  • Happy-Go-Lucky



    note to myself: stop showing the movies you love to your emotionless family