In the Mood for Love ★★★★½

Hong Kong motion pictures are known for its overused and the "same-old-story" concept and genres, but rarely one would come across a romance film in the HK cinema that strays away from your typical love story but is both eccentric and peculiarly good.

Chemistry is one of the hardest touch for a romance film for without it, the relationship between the couple will not be as genuine. Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung chemistry is exceptional for both of them share similar sentiments and live similar lifestyle.

The storytelling for this film is textbook Wai-esque, where similarly to his other masterpiece "Chungking Express" the development of the movie is through daily routines and how the daily norms depicts the microscopic change in the relationship. "In the Mood for Love" uses this cinematographic sleight-of-hand through day to day conversations enriching and adding crude yet originality to the love story.

With that being said, the movie still falls prey to your typical romance cliches that are seeped through the HK movie industry. Fortunately, the saving grace is that the ingenious lines and dialogues manages to offset the cheeseball infested in it.

Visuals were aesthetically brilliant with the colour red as its main palette and is a great representation of the older days in Hong Kong. Setting was well set, a rustic apartment with mahjong tables and super-small rooms captures the claustrophobic lifestyle and love between Chow and Chan.

Simple yet complex in nature with a performance that does the HK movie industry proud.