Yi Yi ★★★★½

One of the slower paced films out there. Expect a lot of 'dead' scenes and insanely stale moments, but it is only through these instances that "Yi Yi" manages to encapsulate the realism that the movie is trying to deliver.

Sharing similar aesthetics to the much-acclaimed "Her", the movie thrives on the theme of boredom, loneliness and the very typical lifestyle of a middle class Taiwanese family.

A three hour long film might be a drag, but movie enthusiasts will enjoy its surrealism adventure that "Yi Yi" provides.

It is understandable that many would find the film being overly melodramatic as it uses cheesy elements like classical music and poetic dialogues as these are also the people that have no love for the arts and the alternatives.

Brilliant storytelling through the perspectives of three different ages. Definitely Oscar-worthy