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This review may contain spoilers.

I'm gonna get this out of the way right away. This was the first time I have seen this movie. I'm ashamed because holy potatoes, this was so good, I waited too long! Dennis Hopper alone is worth watching the entire movie. Bill Moesely as per usual gives an amazingly insane performance. 

I have a strange history and relationship with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. The first one I saw was Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation with McConaughey going wild against Renee Zellweger but I remember nothing from it. Just the feelings of it being ok and enjoying parts of it. I'll have to rewatch. I caught that I've late night on Cinemax. Then I saw the two remake movies and loved those. R. Lee Ermy is a national treasure! After that I saw Texas Chainsaw 3D and it was ok, pretty forgettable, but ok. I haven't seen Leatherface, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw 3 or the original. I've watched so many documentaries about horror and seen clips over the years that I've seen the majority of the original TCM out of order. I'll have to fix that soon. Maybe this month?

I KNOW! I KNOW! How can a lifelong horror fan not have seen the first two TCM movies until they're in their 30s, I KNOW! Just bear with me and I'll tell you.

Looking back, young me is a fucking dumbass and needs to have some sense slapped into her. Her denying her redneck-ness while obviously being one made for so much internal conflict. I grew up in Minnesota and was called a redneck a lot of my life but I always took it as an insult because that's how it was used. I didn't like the term and I saw TCM as too redneck for me, I was all like, "I'm different than the others," Nope, just a weird, queer, redneck, with hippieishish tendencies, with a bunch of goth mixed in. A strange mix for sure. I didn't want to be labelled as that so I denied it and stayed away from anything southern or rural based as much as possible. Haha the joke's on young me, most of MN is rural and there's lots of hunting, fishing, and just general redneckery going about. If you go into the Twin Cities you'll find the "normal" people, but outside especially the more northward you go it's rednecks everywhere. I should've just embraced the redneck facet and go crazy with the TCM movies. I feel like I'm sure for aarathon of each one in order.

This movie starts so strange with a bunch of dudes just driving around shooting sighs and then Leatherface comes out of nowhere in a car, leans out while driving with a chainsaw and starts carving up the other car. What an opening! Also, I had no idea Tobe Hooper did the music.

Some stuff happens with Bill Moseley as Choptop in a radio station and the Sawyer's kidnap this girl while Dennis Hopper tracks them down to BRING IT ALL DOWN! Watching him go to the store to get chainsaws for himself was one of my favorite scenes. It's like he dual classed in two handed weaponry as well as dual wielding. He was so ready. He was THE BEST. It was one of the best things I'd seen that night and before this I watched Hellraiser. 

Not gonna lie, the whole sex or saw thing was great. When he had the chainsaw slowly moving up her leg and had it pressed on her crotch, that was just amazing tension and forbidden eroticism. What if he turns it on? It was so good. I just loved it. I sorta wanna see him fuck her with the chainsaw. Chain part off of course. I could be down to watch that.

I'm glad I watched this with a group on Twitter. It was extra fun communally watching it. Crazy movie. Can't wait to watch it again. 

Random thoughts:

-Bill Moseley is the best at insane word salad rants

-Chop Top's dented plate thanks to Leatherface was pretty funny.



-She wore his face for a really long time after getting her hands untied!! Like wouldn't you just take it off right away with your hands free instead of screaming at his nearly dead body.

-You gotta have a crazy dinner scene. It's not a TCM without it!

-That's the sequence right there! The one that I've never seen before on another horror movie, the one that sets of apart from all the others, Chop Top slitting his own throat three times!!!! HOLY SHIT

-The Dennis Hopper vs Leatherface chainsaw fight I LIVE FOR! IT WAS SO AMAZING!