Wrong Turn ★★★★★

“You know what we wouldn’t of found, if we stayed on the trail?” 

Wrong Turn (2021) is a grisly and inventive reimagining of its 2003 predecessor. It quickly establishes where it’s similar and then shines where it’s different. 

Charlotte Vega holds the viewers attention with a stunning performance, and the ensemble cast of characters to compliment her “Jen” even the smallest of characters give their all in this as well.

The score and script are well done also, and the pacing of the story makes the long runtime extremely engaging.  

Overall, this installment/reboot/remake, whatever you want to call it - is a stunning work, with a surprising dose of social commentary sprinkled in, and going in with an open mind is what I would recommend to any apprehensive viewers who are fans of the original franchise.

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