Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

I took a second crack at Solo yesterday, and I think I was a tad harsh on it after my first viewing. I am still a bit irked at the ham-fisted fan service, unnecessary Marvel-esque universe connecting, and pacing problems....Dang it! There I go again!

Okay, stay positive:

+ Alden Ehrenreich and Danny Glover do good jobs with their characters. I believed them as Han and Lando.

+ The actions scenes are enjoyable. I previously noted the excellent train sequence, but the Kessel run and low-key finale also entertain.

+ The supporting cast is memorable and handled nicely. I also enjoy the character kill count in these individual Star Wars stories. I mean, we know Han and Chewie are safe, but it is fun to have so many new characters to worry about.

+ The film was better the second time. I went from feeling ho-hum and disappointed after watch one to having a good time during watch two. I will be adding this one to my Star Wars movie library. As quality goes, it lands somewhere in the middle of the Star Wars filmography.

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