Upgrade ★★★★

WOW. This was good. Real good. If Tom Hardy & Joel Kinnamon were smashed into one guy, you would get Logan Marshall-Green. He has totally been overlooked & needs a chance to show his acting chops in the big leagues. This dude can act rings around other A-listers. Now granted, I’ve only seen him in a few minor roles before & evidently he didn’t make an impression on me, but maybe that was not his fault. I’ll be watching his next film or series if we get info about one. As of today, I don’t see anything upcoming for him on IMDb. His last series on USA network, “Damnation”, that aired last fall was canceled after one season. Regardless that it didn’t make it, I’m going to give it a watch just to see his performance in that to see if this film was a fluke or not. 

Back to this film, give it a watch, it’s totally worth it. It didn’t make any money at the box office, but it didn’t get enough promotion, in my opinion, I barely caught a trailer recently. Also, the title probably didn’t help any. But it’s definitely an upgrade over many recent sci-fi suspense thrillers, & it hit all the right spots. This could certainly be a reality in our near future with technology running wild, that we can’t even keep up. The action was impressive & tight, so if you like sci-fi, super tech, action, or suspense thrillers, this is right up your alley. 

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