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2021 Vanessa Júpiter's Hooptober - Movie #20

I've watched Cube²: Hypercube so many times that the movie feels like a friend... a perfect quadrangular oscillation type of friend.

This time I spent my entire viewing experience low-key in love with Simon, the Bad Guy among the kidnapped characters. He has such good chemistry with both Kate and Jerry and his scenes with either of them are always a pleasure to watch. I'm, of course, especially delighted in the scene where he decides to eat Jerry. The sexual tension between the two is high at multiple points before that, but that's the moment where things really kick into high gear and I start thinking that maybe I should write some fanfic about these two. I also consider the tension between Simon and Kate to be a little sexual at points, and I'm also here for that! (But, you know... It's hard to compete with cannibalism. Sorry, Katmon shippers.) There's also the scene where Kate slaps Jerry, who seems very unbothered by a bit of slapping. Basically what I'm saying is that Jerry is the bottom representation we need more of!... And that my main ship is the three characters as a throuple!

I've argued before that Cube²: Hypercube is actually the best movie in the franchise because it is the one that tackles the theme of "meaninglessness of life" the most. Things don't make sense, things will never make sense. Cubes are metaphors for the Real World and the Real World is often pure chaos and logic often doesn't apply to the ways in which we exist. The characters here behave in strange ways, and since we're used to "character consistency" when watching movies, it comes across as bad writing, but people don't always act consistently, people can say inappropriate things at inappropriate times. People can be weird like that. Furthermore, the cube has an expiration date and scientists are calculating when that is... Could it be argued that Cube²: Hypercube has an ecological message if you look really close at it?

One of my favorite scenes is in the very beginning, where the Colonel wakes up and says something along the lines of "Everybody else got a chance, I deserve a chance too!" and that's the lie that we've all been told, that we can all succeed in the world, that we were all given the same chances. But the system is unfair, it will always be unfair, and it is, indeed, killing all of us! Another thing I like in this scene is that the Colonel starts praying. It's such a human reaction and it's a great way to incorporate religion and faith into the mythos of Cube. Some people have faith and they'll often cling to it in difficult moments... and sometimes that's simply not enough.

Oh, one last thing! This time around I kept on noticing moments where people drool... Ah... Just when I thought I couldn't like this movie any better...

I'm fully aware that Cube²: Hypercube is more often than not a mess.
But you know what?
That's fine.
I'm a mess too!

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