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  • Ganja & Hess
  • Alucarda
  • The Nude Vampire
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula
  • Embrace of the Vampire

Vampire Movies Ranked

69 films

Doesn't include ALL vampire movies I've seen, but trying to rank at least most of them. :) Also, don't take…

  • Nightman
  • Perpetrator
  • Tales from the Crypt
  • Tiger Stripes
  • Raging Grace

hooptober x

35 films

Hooptober starting again, this time alongside Berlin Fantasy Film Fest 2023, so for the first week this list is going…

  • Huesera: The Bone Woman
  • We're All Going to the World's Fair
  • Men
  • Nanny
  • Piggy

Watched from 2022

41 films

"From 2022" means anything that was either widely released in 2022 in Germany OR that I watched at a festival…

  • A Fool There Was
  • The Vampires or, The Arch Criminals of Paris
  • Lust of the Vampire
  • Atom Age Vampire
  • Blood and Roses

MORE vampires to watch (and maybe review?)

35 films

In 2022 I carefully selected 40 vampire movies I was interested in and, in order to survive the months when…

  • Demon
  • Good Madam
  • The House
  • The Sect
  • Fresh
  • Embrace of the Vampire
  • Kissed
  • The Nude Vampire
  • Vampyros Lesbos
  • Annette
  • Black Christmas
  • Late Night Trains
  • Silent Night Deadly Night 4: Initiation
  • Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?
  • Black Christmas

Christmas Horror Ranked

9 films

started in 2022 with the movies I've seen from that point forward

  • The Night of the Hunter
  • The Invisible Man
  • Cube 2: Hypercube
  • The Tenants
  • Scream 2

Hooptober Se7en (my first Hooptober) | @vanessajup

32 films

Edit: Done! I got to The Witch Who Came from the Sea on the 17th of November. So late, but…

  • The Swarm
  • Alien
  • The Plague Dogs
  • Twilight of the Cockroaches
  • Dumplings

Vanessa Júpiter's Hooptober Neun!

32 films

This is a weird Hooptober year for me. I always end up getting late with all watching-and-reviewing challenges and I…

  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch
  • Halloween II
  • Halloween II
  • Halloween
  • Twilight
  • Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary
  • Scream Blacula Scream
  • Dracula in Istanbul
  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Vampire Spring

40 films

Third year using Letterboxd, third year doing a write-and-review April challenge! This year I'm doing it a little different, I…

  • J.D.'s Revenge
  • Dracula
  • Salem's Lot
  • Eden Lake
  • The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death

Vanessa Júpiter's Hooptober 2021

34 films

Second time taking part in Cinemonster's Hooptober! Last year I was still getting through my movies and reviews by mid-November,…