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  • Zombi Child

    Zombi Child


    Bertrand Bonello's Zombi Child is genuinely uncategorisable genre fare - schoolgirls, voodoo, liberalism and Rihanna. There's a lot to unpick here but the abstract beauty of its visuals and the pulsating synth score meant it worked for the most part.

  • Ema



    I was really taken by Larraín's Ema. It had the lurching urgency of a horror film - emotions splinter and colours burn intensely. It will divide opinion but it has a feel and rhythm like no other. And Nicolas Jaar's score is (expectedly) incredible.

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  • Brazil



    Sure, Gilliam can often be a messy and frustrasting director, with his films frequently overstuffed and overwhelmed from a surfeit of bold visual ideas (his last film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus being a prime example of being a mad, visually exuberent folly.) But I adore this film so much - from its Orwellian satire to the gorgeous, noir-ish set design and gallows humour. It remains one of Gilliam's most visionary, breathtaking works. A (flawed) masterpiece.

  • Midsommar



    Midsommar was equal parts deeply silly and deeply ravishing, bolstered by the Haxan Cloak's score and Pugh/Reynor's dogged committment to Aster's frenzied folklore freakout. It takes the somnambulant pacing of Hereditary to its extreme. This film will both alienate and enthrall.