Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

I was a little ambivalent when I watched Before Midnight. It was very similar to Blue Valentine than the previous Before-films and watching it was so thrilling.

I don't like that they have friends in the movie, they were like trespassing - only we viewers should follow Jesse's and Celine's relationship - others aren't welcome.

But the film is quite ingenious as it's aware of it - Delpy has the best line in the hotel scene - "This is all planned, like we’re supposed to have this great evening. No room for spontaneity. It is all gone from our lives."

That's an almost breaking the fourth wall moment - it's like Celine speaks indirectly of us who followed the couple since 1995 and want to see them together. We get what we want but the price is that it's not what anyone imagined.

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