Spider-Man: Far from Home

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This review may contain spoilers.

even when I watched this late last night, slightly delirious and super uncomfortable in my seat, I could tell far from home had a strong story. it does its perfect predecessor justice by keeping things fun, buoyant, and fresh, despite the fact that the core of this movie involves a traumatised young man who doesn’t know how to mourn, wants to revel in youth, but understands the gravity of his very unique situation. the theme of identity is so well-drawn in ffh. there’s also the important dimension of fake news; absurd, unbelievable, but altogether chilling.

tom holland once again very nearly puts all his peers to shame with his sheer talent. tiny actions and facial quirks mean so much when he does them. the way he conveys a myriad of emotions is astounding.  however, my personal favorite performance of the ensemble comes from zendaya, who adds lovely, genuine layers to mj. a softness that feels real and complements her tougher shell splendidly.

also in general, ffh does well in dealing with romance, which I definitely appreciate. both spidey installments make me roar with laughter as it is, but they warm my heart because these kids are everything. 

in my head sarah halley finn just watched okja and cast jake gyllenhaal based on that because what a wondrously unhinged performance. both cameos from the indomitable jk simmons and the glorious BEN MENDELSOHN are exceptional! and obviously, biggest honorable mention goes to marisa tomei for...JUST EXISTING.

homecoming is a very special film to my heart. it is endlessly rewatchable and the jokes never get old. I’m excited to see the same thing come out of ffh!

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