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  • Paris, Texas
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Her

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  • Babylon


  • WR: Mysteries of the Organism

  • On Body and Soul


  • Gods and Monsters


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  • Babylon



    Few things that deserve special mention

    A) There is a long sequence which culminates in Margot Robbie being lifted up inside the mansion from 19:50 and goes on for around three minutes; the energy and vibe was JUST FUCKING INSANE. The parties in the 1920s makes today's parties look tame in comparison. Instead of being stuck in these boring ass Covid times, can somebody invent a time machine so that I can have a good time doing debauchery without being…

  • WR: Mysteries of the Organism

    WR: Mysteries of the Organism

    Has interesting things to say early on, but this one nearly bored me to death!

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  • Night on Earth

    Night on Earth


    Taxi #1 - Always follow your dreams

    Taxi #2 - The funniest of the 5.

    Taxi #3 - Never judge others

    Taxi #4 - Life is too short, so enjoy while you can!

    Taxi #5 - Life can be cruel and unfair.

  • The English Patient

    The English Patient

    ELAINE: Ugh. You wouldn't believe it. My boyfriend dumped me. My friends, who I don't even like, they won't talk to me. (face-pulling) All because I don't like that stupid English Patient movie.

    WAITRESS: Really? I thought it was pretty good.

    ELAINE: Oh, come on. Good? What was good about it? (scoffs) Those sex scenes!I mean, please! Gimme something I can use!

    WAITRESS: (sour) Well, I liked it.

    The waitress takes the coffee pot and walks away into the back.…