Carol ★★★½

Let me make one thing clear before you all pounce upon me. I did not HATE this movie.First of all I could not help comparing this movie to Todd Haynes previous movie which he shot in the 1950's "Far From Heaven" in 2002.Both are about repressed females who are looked down by society. Cate Blanchett gets the meatier role and does justice does to it but frankly speaking she has done much better work in other films like Blue Jasmine and Notes on a Scandal. On the other hand i felt Rooney Mara's character was under written,not much is known about her ( I am surprised she won Best Actress at Cannes).The whole movie she reminded me of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's( i was literally drooling my ass off every time i saw her face). She is good but not given much to do. The two love scenes are good but if you want something steamier i suggest you watch Blue is the Warmest Color instead (haha). The biggest highlight has to be the stunning cinematography and pleasing background score. Another aspect i liked was the progressive ending which was very satisfactory rather than giving the usual happy go lucky alternative. I am definitely watching this again soon and although i know it wont change my rating i will still give it a go just for seeing two drop dead gorgeous ladies who drove me equally wild!

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