Fanny and Alexander ★★

"Warning -this review is susceptible to backlashes,those who love this movie should refrain from reading this!

180 minutes.Oh Lord why???

One of my first experiences with Bergman was watching The Seventh Seal for the first time. I was completely floored by each and every aspect.The masterpieces followed i.e Persona,Wild Strawberries,Through a Glass Darkly and Winter Light recently.This "final" film of an illustrious career left me befuddled. I am still asking myself what on earth did i just see? How was this different from a routine Saans Bahu melodrama or 80's Bollywood potboiler? William Shakespeare must be turning in his grave for taking the idea of his most beloved play and using it a setting in a movie supposedly inspired from the director's own childhood days.Starts of well then collapses in it's own beautiful mess. Other than the lavish settings and immaculate costume designs i don't see what the praise is about??? MASTERPIECE? I dont think so?
I expected more tenderness since it is seen through the eyes a child. THE FILM SHOULD BE RENAMED ALEXANDER SINCE FANNY IS HARDLY THERE IN THE MOVIE...LOL////

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