Once Upon a Time in America ★★

* There is a shot of the Manhattan Bridge captured with nostalgia evoking of an era gone by,whenever i see that particular scene i feel at peace.

* The score by the legendary Ennio Morricone is filled with grandeur and has a sweeping quality to it. But the inclusion of the flute sounds were jarring and annoying.

* The look of the film right from the costumes and the feel of the 20's and 30's is done elegantly.

* Jennifer Connelly in her film debut has a sweetness to her,i badly wished had she been a little older, she could have also played the older Deborah. Even here she has that look whereby she would be a bombshell in 6 years time :-)

* Elizabeth McGovern does not have a single acting bone in her body and looks lifeless.

* I expected to see more of Joe Pesci but sadly he was short changed.

* De Niro coming of the unforgettable Rupert Pupkin just a year earlier isn't given a chance to display his range. On the other hand he did look dapper in his suits and partitioned hair. To be fair he was way more effective in the role of the Young Don Corleone exactly ten years ago.

* The scene at the hospital was a hoot and what follows thereafter (hehe)

* This film starts of well but loses steam once De Niro comes out of Prison.

* Needlessly stretched,uninteresting characters, it's a tepid affair.

* Laughable dialogue.

* Tries to emulate the aesthetics of Corleone family and falls way too short.

* i don't mind long movies unless the script is meaty and there are identifiable characters attached to it.

.* This was a massive disappointment,dull,listless and

* It has ambition but does capitalize on them and fails to soar like an eagle it was meant to considering the talent it possessed.

* In the end an underwhelming end to a fantastic career.Adieu.

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