*There is a particular sequence(the young girl and her cat) that i will never be able to get out of my mind for a very long period of time. I will keep revisiting it time and time again. For me it's on par with The Passion Of Joan of Arc,Andrei Rublev and Au Hasard Balthasar as some of the most powerful scenes i have witnessed in Cinema.

* There is a tinge of Waking Ned Devine but this movie is much more thought provoking and bleak.

* The black and white cinematography is simply jaw dropping.

* The term "long takes" was meant for movies like this.

* On the other hand this movie is not for everyone, at 432 minutes it is a challenging work of art but ultimately rewarding.

* Philosophical,wry humor,indifference of society,corruption of the soul, heartbreaking,haunting,sombre and staggering.

* One of the most difficult movies i had to review, whatever i write i know it will not do it enough justice.

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