Enola Holmes ★★★

Enola Holmes is a wonderfully entertaining and charming film. The set design and costumes are beautifully done. The acting in this movie is also strong and throughly enjoyable. 

Millie Bobby Brown was very likable in this role. She brought so much life and color to her character. However, the same can’t be said for Henry Cavill who wasn’t bad but didn’t really serve a larger purpose than being the infamous ‘Sherlock Holmes’ who establishes a strong familial relation for Enola. Sam Clafflin on the other hand was great as Mycroft. Scenes with him were my favorite and proved that he can take on versatile roles. 

The film did tend to drag a bit at times and I felt like a shorter run time would’ve done this movie wonders. The breaking of the fourth wall also did not sit well with me. That could’ve been avoided completely while still leaving the basic essence of the film intact. 

Overall, Enola Holmes was better than I expected. It had me smiling throughout, made me forget about all my problems for the 2 hours, and definitely had me engaged.

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