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This review may contain spoilers.

A lot of things changed for me on this rewatch. I haven’t seen this in over a year, feels crazy to rewatch this and realizing kinda how much it stuck to me. Mostly the character Bobby, who Willem Dafoe proves to be my favorite actor still. 

The Florida Project I feel is about making good about bad situations, and it was pretty smart to put the lens on a child, who look through things with an eye of innocence. Moonee lives in a motel outside of Disney World, which I feel symbolizes how this is the real world, and the how real world is slowly caving in on Moonee as learning to take the good from the bad gets harder. And at the end, she runs away to Disney World, the world will get harsher but her escape to Disney World shows that the real world hasn’t taken away her innocence yet. While the ending is bittersweet, it’s fitting, and happy.

Also the opening song 👌

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