The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

Jodorowsky's masterpiece. An extraordinary and mind blowing journey into a land where a group of disciples undergo a series of tasks before ascending a mountain in a Sisyphean quest for immortality. The Chilean director claims that he once took LSD but otherwise has led a relatively puritanical existence. But I don't know of any other films in the entire canon that reflect so absolutely all aspects of the acid experience good and bad, a trip that is both euphoric and dysphoric where 'the scent of flowers is the fragrance of the universe' and geometric patterns are interspersed with macabre images of dying animals and human castration. This is the work of a true genius with his own unique vision, feeling like you've stumbled on a completely new genre. These delusions of grandeur seem to relate to some counterculture based need for greater spiritual awareness but as Jodorowsky once claimed : 'A quest for peace will always end in catastrophe.' Shamans might be able to turn shit into gold but it doesn't mean that when you finally reach the Zenith you'll find what you are looking for.

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